Software Features

-Compatible with FS2004, FSX AND FSX STEAM EDITION, P3D V1 AND V2.

-Customizable by this website (Skin, Color etc.)

-256bit encrypt function.

-MultiCompany Support


Pre-Flight Features:

Charter Center (Yeahh! Integrated in Milacars) with the possibility to lock the departure position (position system)

MultiSchedule selection (integrated with tour and event system)

ReSend Function


In-Flight Features:

-Live map (location and path)

-Live report



-InFlight Message


Post-Flight Features:

-Google Earth track!

-Send on company website

-Complete log review*

*see next chapter


Logged Event

-Flight phase

-Takeoff Data (pitch, speed, wind, weight etc.)

-Landing Data (like takeoff =D + landingrate)



-Gear Status


-OOR (out of runway detection)

-Crash (if you haven’t good pilots)

-Flap position

-Parking Brake




For any question don’t esitate to contact me here!